Tax Collector

Tax Collector- Lisa M. Cope

(Town and County Tax Only)

19 North Maple Avenue

P.O. Box 516

Millerton, New York 12546

Phone: 518-789-3300 x 603

Fax: 518-789-3399




Monday to Thursday 9:00AM-12:30PM and 1:00PM- 4:000PM

Friday 9:00AM-12:30PM


Property tax bills are mailed in January.

Payments can be made upon receipt of bill thru February 28th without penalty.

*If they are paid after February 28th, the penalty schedule is as follows:

March 1st-31st = 2 % Penalty

April 1st-30th=   3 % Penalty

May 1st-31st  =     4% Penalty plus a $2.00 processing fee

After May 31st, all unpaid taxes are turned over to the Dutchess County Commissioner of Finance, 22 Market Street, Poughkeepsie NY 12601



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Frequently Asked Questions:

I never received my bill or I received it late, do I still have to pay the penalty?

Yes. Failure to mail a statement or the failure of the property owner to receive a statement will not affect the validity of the taxes or penalty as dictated by law (New York State Real Property Tax Law §922).  The Tax Collector does not have the legal authority to waive statutory penalty charges, nor does any other official.  These regulations are governed by the Real Property Tax Law.  If the collector waives any penalty he/she will be held personally responsible.  All records are audited by State examiners and there is no discretion in this matter.


If I mail my payment on the due date, do I have to pay a penalty?

New York State Real Property Tax Law §925, provides as follows:  “Payment of taxes by mail, when enclosed in a postpaid wrapper (envelope) properly addressed to the appropriate collecting office and is deposited in a post office of official depository under the exclusive care custody of the United States Post Office shall, upon delivery, be deemed to have been made to such officer on the date of the United States Postmark on such wrapper.”  The provisions of this section shall not apply in the case of postmarks not made by the United States Post Office.  A postage meter postmark is not a postmark made by the United States Post Office and will not be honored according the provisions of Real Property Tax Law §925.

Payments received after the due date will be returned for proper payment to include the appropriate penalty.  No town official or employee can waive the penalty.

Can I pay my property taxes in installments?

No.  The Town of North East does not accept partial payments.  Payment must be made in full or it will be returned for proper payment.


The Town Tax Collector does not collect school taxes.

For school tax-related information, please contact:

Emma Jaromin, School Tax Collector at 845-877-6140

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For Village of Millerton Taxes:

Please call the Village of Millerton at 518-789-4489 for any questions related to Village Taxes.