Comprehensive Plan

A Comprehensive Plan is a road map that guides a municipality’s decisions related to its future growth and development. It expresses the vision, goals, strategies, and policies of a town or village and is intended to be implemented over 10 to 15 years.  The Town of North East and Village of Millerton are working together to update an earlier plan developed in the mid-1990’s.

The plan will be developed by a volunteer committee representing both the Town and Village with help from planning consultants.  The first phase is to gather data about the Town and Village and to involve as many people as possible to learn what they feel are the strengths of the area as well as the weaknesses and to gather ideas as to how to address challenges our community faces.

Comprehensive Plan Committee Members

  • Edith Greenwood, Committee Chair – Vice-Chair of the Town of North East Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Dale Culver – Chair of the Planning Board of the Town of North East
  • Bill Kish – Member of the Town of North East Planning Board
  • Patti Lynch-VandeBogart – Member of the Planning Board of the Village of Millerton
  • John Midwood – Town of North East Board Member
  • Debbie Middlebrook – Mayor of the Village of Millerton
  • Dianne Engleke – Chair of the Conservation Advisory Council of Town of North East
  • John Crodelle –  Retired Town of North East Justice
  • Edward Downey – President of the North East Historical Society, Former Supervisor of Town of North East, Former member of the North East Planning Board, and member of the 1976 Town/Village Comprehensive Plan Committee
  • Mimi Ramos – Village resident, real estate professional and business owner

Primary Planning Consultant

Community Planning and Environmental Associates(CP)

Assigned Planner: Nan Stolzenburg, AICP, CEP

Secondary Consultant

E.M. Pemrick & Co-Economic Development Planners (EA)

Assigned Planner: Ellen Pemrick

Town of North East-Village of Millerton Comprehensive Plan Tentative Schedule of Work

Consultants and Committee Reports

Town Subdivision Audit and Recommendations – Aug 18

Review of Village Subdivision – August 18

Millerton Zoning Audit and Strategies – August 18

Town of North East Zoning Audit – July 2018

Community Goals-June 2018 Draft

Vision Statement-May 2018 Draft

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis-July 2018 Draft

2018 Survey – analysis of open ended question responses

2018 Survey – CrossTab Q1 and Q8 Chart (3)

2018 Survey – Q8 landscape format

2018 Survey – Q9 landscape format

2018 Survey – Q14 landscape format

2018 Survey – Notes Questions 17 and 24

All Survey Data with Open Ended responses

Analysis of Preliminary Survey Results 4 16 18


3-1-2018 Joint Boards Meeting notes from Nan Stolzenburg

Economic_Analysis-North East 2-18 Draft

Demographic_Characteristics-North East 2-18 draft

Housing-North East -2-18 Draft



Town of North East-Village of Millerton Comprehensive Plan Part 1

Town of North East-Village of Millerton Comprehensive Plan Part 2

Town of North East Significant Habitats

Town of North East Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan


2-6 -2019 Comprehensive Plan Agenda

1-21-2019 Agenda Comprehensive Plan

12-17-2018 Agenda-Comprehensive Plan

11-19-2018 Agenda Comprehensive Plan

10-15-2018 Agenda Comprehensive Plan

9-17-2018 Agenda Comprehensive Plan

Agenda – Comprehensive Plan Update Committee Meeting – August 27, 2018

7-16-2018 Agenda Comprehensive Plan Committee

6-18-2018 Agenda Comprehensive Plan

5-31-2018 Comprehensive Plan Agenda

4-26-2018 Agenda Comprehensive Plan Committee

3-1-2018 Joint Boards Agenda Comprehensive Plan

2-22-18 Agenda Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan 1-25-18 Agenda

Comprehensive Plan Update Commitee 12-28-17 Agenda

Comprehensive Plan Update Committee Agenda 11-30-2017


Comprehensive Plan 1-21-2019 Minutes

12-17-2018 Comprehensive Plan MInutes

11-19-2018 Minutes-Comprehensive Plan

10-15-2018 Minutes Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan 9-17-2018 Minutes

8-27-2018 Minutes-Comprehensive Plan

7-16-2018 Minutes Comprehensive Plan

6-18-2018 Minutes-Comprehensive Plan

5-31-2018 Minutes Comprehensive Plan

4-26-2018 Minutes

3-1-2018 Joint TV Minutes

2-22-2018 Minutes

1-25-2018 Minutes Comprehensive Plan

12-28-2017 Minutes

11-30-2017 Minutes

10-26-2017 Minutes

9-27-2017 Minutes

August meeting cancelled

7- 27-2017 Minutes

6-22-2017 Minutes

5-25-2017 Minutes

4-27-2017 Minutes

3-30-2017 Minutes