2019 Draft Comprehensive Plan



April 2019 Public Presentation Final-Comprehensive Plan

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Comprehensive Plan Committee Members

  • Edith Greenwood, Committee Chair – Vice-Chair of the Town of North East Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Dale Culver – Chair of the Planning Board of the Town of North East
  • Bill Kish – Member of the Town of North East Planning Board
  • Patti Lynch-VandeBogart – Member of the Planning Board of the Village of Millerton
  • John Midwood – Town of North East Board Member
  • Debbie Middlebrook – Mayor of the Village of Millerton
  • Dianne Engleke – Chair of the Conservation Advisory Council of Town of North East
  • John Crodelle –  Retired Town of North East Justice
  • Edward Downey – President of the North East Historical Society, Former Supervisor of Town of North East, Former member of the North East Planning Board, and member of the 1976 Town/Village Comprehensive Plan Committee
  • Mimi Ramos – Village resident, real estate professional and business owner

Primary Planning Consultant

Community Planning and Environmental Associates(CP)

Assigned Planner: Nan Stolzenburg, AICP, CEP

Secondary Consultant

E.M. Pemrick & Co-Economic Development Planners (EA)

Assigned Planner: Ellen Pemrick


Town of North East Significant Habitats

Town of North East Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan


6-6-2019 Comprehensive Plan Minutes

Comprehensive Plan Informational Meeting, April 27, 2019 – Please see recording located on Video Page

Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing, May 18,2019- Please see recording located on Video Page

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