About the Town

The Town of North East lies on the extreme northeast border of Dutchess County New York. It is boundried by the Town of Ancram to the north, State of Connecticut to the east, Town of Amenia to the south, and the Towns of Pine Plains and Stanford to the west. The surface is hilly and is nestled in the Harlem Valley, bordered by the scenic Taconic Hills.


North East was formed as a town on March 7, 1788. Earliest English settlers migrated from Massachusetts, and Connecticut, while the Dutch moved eastward from the Hudson River valley. Initially, farming was the chief occupation. As the Industrial Revolution took place, major population centers needed food and materials from surrounding areas. Railroads were built to accommodate the need.


Sidney Miller, civil engineer, brought the railroad to Millerton in 1851. Town fathers named the village , Millerton in his honor. Soon after, the Central New England railroad was built, connecting Boston, to the east with Poughkeepsie and the Hudson River, to the west. At this point everything changed.  North East and Millerton became a commercial and agricultural hub. Farmers and merchants thrived.  Iron mining and founderies flourished, feeding the  Industrial Revolution. Today, the village of Millerton remains the commercial center of the Town of North East.


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